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"WikiKnoW DES" arises as idea to be developing collaboratively with the aim to promote the projects Wikimedia.

His purpose is to propose and, in his case, to constitute a "Research and Diffusion of the Knowledge Digital EcoSystem" in that to consider and to develop works of research, works that do not have content in Wikipedia on having been considered primary sources.

The development of these works, with different purposes and aims, and his putting at the disposal of the community, as well as his preservation, is the aim that marks this offer, this project.

DES's idea that, still based and orientated to the projects that Wikimedia develops, tries to be inclusive with different computational resources that they can help to the dissemination of these technologies, to there increase the "Digital Literacy Levels" of his users, providing different tools with different difficulties, with a common aim: the knowledge generation and dissemination.

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